Handbag Cover

The full Sheilas’ Wheels Broker Handbag Cover policy is available for you to download.

What is Handbag Cover?
How would you feel if you had your handbag stolen from your car? What if it was damaged in an accident? Well, we know how important a woman’s handbag is which is why every Sheilas’ Wheels Broker car insurance policy comes with free Handbag Cover.

If you make a theft, attempted theft or accidental damage claim on your car insurance policy, you may receive additional cover up to £300 for the replacement or repair of your handbag and insured contents if it is lost or damaged.

Does this policy cover my handbag if it’s snatched when I’m walking along the street?
No, this cover can only be used if you are claiming under your car insurance policy.

I accidentally left my handbag in my car. Am I covered?
Your car must have been locked and your handbag hidden from view (in a locked glove box or the in the boot) for you to make a claim on your Handbag Cover.

Does this policy cover all types of bags?
No, your handbag must be either held in your hand or carried using a strap and used to hold small personal effects such as your purse, phone, make-up and so on. We wouldn’t cover the likes of rucksacks or overnight bags under this policy.

Do I need to pay for Handbag Cover?
No, it comes with every Sheilas’ Wheels Broker policy.